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Tooth filling Dr J best dentist bangalore

Restorations/Tooth fillings

Did u notice a blackish discoloration on your tooth?.Yes , probably you need a consultation.if it ignored u might have to pay cumbersome to treat it .Dr J provides free consultations wherein u will provided a list of solutions .

root canal specialist Dr J bangalore

Root canal treatment

Are you suffering from unbearable pain or sensitivity?Consult us get to know about the possible treatment options

tooth pain removal expert bangaluru

Tooth Extractions

Any complaints of shaking tooth ,which is giving you enormous amount of pain.

best dental implant in bangalore

Dental Implants and bridges

My tooth was extracted several years back but it was not replaced ,can i get an alternative similar to the original tooth .the answer is YES ,YOU CAN.Dental implants and bridges are the answer tot his question of yours

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Dr j Dental services offers quality adn effective treatment with highly anticipated and predictive treament results or outcome at seriously affordable cost .

Dr J Dental services launched as an idea among the young  dentists situated in the new technical hub of bangalore in the outer ring road, the motto was initially set to provide Dental consultation services along with treatment at a very lower and minimal reasonable price,accounting only bear minimal profits . We rather than seeing the benefit of the doctor,focus more on the patient .A patient who contacts Dr J ,will undergo first a complete oral checkup , the peculiarity is that the team of doctors who are a part of Dr J does not any consultation ,So YEAH it is absolutely free for anyone with dental problems  to consult the doctor just by walking into clinic by taking an appointment.

Now as the question pops up as to when and where Dr J Services are available?.Dr J was idea popped out of the brains of the founder Dr Jishnu Mohan and few of his  friends.The main motto of this foundation was TREATMENT FOR ALL ,which is followed strictly


Marathahaalli ,Bangalore 560037





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