Your Dentist referred you for a Root Canal Treatment ,But you dont know ,Whats exactly is it ?

You wouldnt want your belonging to get repaired without understanding the problems and ways to fix it .When it comes to treatment for Dental problems, its even more important to know the treatment options.

What happens during a root canal treatment ? Learn more about this fast ,painless procedure that can releive your unbearable pain and save your tooth

Can i go to office /school during the treatment?

Does root canal treatment hinder day to day activities?

Can i myself understand,whether i need root canal treatment?

Normally after the root canal treatment ,or during the course as in multiple visit root canal treatment , probably you will be numb for about hours following which you can engage in normal day to day activities , provided you are taking medication which is been prescribed (if) as per the course.

Advantages of Root canals over Removal of your Natural tooth

  •  Efficient and effective  chewing
  • Normal force of biting with good sensation 
  • Maximum natural appearance
  •  Protects the adjacent tooth from getting into place and disturbing the biting position(Affects the jaw joint if untreated)
can i go to school after root canal treatment
Going to school after root canal traetment
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Root canal treatment is normally done in case of a cracked tooth ,cavitated tooth,severe un resolving tooth sensitivity, un resolving issues with the previously filled tooth.Patients generally come to doctors,when there is severe sensitivity after consuming cold or hot food .Patients complaining of continuous pain during sleep or night time,are also a usual visitors to a dentist.To list out the symptoms ,it will include


  • Pain during chewing food or biting ,which persists .
  • Pain during sleep at night or at afternoon
  • Swollen gums or pimple noted on the gums 
  • broken or cracked tooth
  • Sensitivity which is hindering your day to day activities
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Why is your dentist not ready to give u a filling ,if the cavity is deep?

Our teeth is a complex structure involving various layers which include the outermost layer ( the hardest  of all tissues in the body )ENAMEL, the second one being less hard and friable layer known as DENTIN ,which is in direct contact with the blood supply ,nerve of the tooth , which is in fact known as PULP OF THE TOOTH.When the tooth is infected with bacteria and starts  to form a cavity or a decay ,cavity will gradually progress to the various layers in your teeth.

 A simple and small cavity involving the outermost layer Enamel . can treated by filling the defected enamel after careful removal of cavity .




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Does Root canal filling create complications in future?


Pain during and after the root canal treatment !! A myth or truth !!

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