Why root canal treatment ?

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment | Explained in Detail |

Read to know about the reasons your dentist had advised you root canal treatment.Is it Really Required ?Learn more about the Treatment you are going to undego/ is undergoing.

Endodontic treatment or the root canal treatment is performed when the pulp or the popularly known nerve tissue of the tooth is inflamed and infected.Dental decay seen as a blackish discolouration of tooth is really a colony of bacteria/micro-organisms growing on the tooth surface , eating the tooth slowly. This eating away process is because of the acid and other products produced by the  bacteria. Now most of you will think tooth is Hardest structure in the body how ,how can it degraded by the tiniest bacteria.

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Mechanism Of Tooth Decay|How is the hardest structure in the body broken down?How to prevent it ?

Are Acids in our body playing a role in tooth decay or is it acid from food we eat ?

Bacteria being a part of humans ,helps and disturbs the human body in various ways.Tooth decay ,according to the recent studies is considered as one of the most prevalent disease and the most ignored disease in its early stages.There are a number of bacteria being present in the mouth,with an avg estimate of 1,000 to 100,000 bacteria living on each tooth surface in a clean mouth. Majority of this bacteria feed on the glucose or carbohydrates in our food.These bacteria ferment the glucose /sucrose in our food to lactic acid majorly.

            Lactic being A comapritively strong acid breaks the integrity of tooth structure by eating the inorganic(Calcified-hard) and organic (Non calcified-soft) part of the  tooth .Once they break thee structure of enamel,Breaching the dentine and reaching pulp is cakewalk for thee dear bacterias.




!!Acidic Food which everyone consumes in fact lead to Wasting disease and not dental decay!!

Are Acids in the process of tooth decay ,Learn more about dental decay

okay , now i know how is the tooth eaten away by bacteria, but why does pain come after a while?

why do i not get any sensation beforehand ?How does bacteria stay there when i m brushing regularly.Read more for your answers.

Tooth being one of the hardest structure in the body ,consists of three layers which are 1)Enamel 2)Dentine 3)Pulp.Enamel is the outermost layer and it  is made of calified tissue(no blood , no nerve supply,that is the reason for no pain being experienced whenever there is small fracture of tooth.but the entire scenario changes ,once it affects the second and the middle layer that is Dentine. There are   extensions of nerves from the pulp being present in  dentine,so when is eaten away it really means the nerrve tissue is getting hurted .And now u know ,when the nerve is hurted they hurt you back in the form of PAIN

    Pain also being a subjective symptom(Each indivdual has his own bearing capacity of pain)mostly wont be noticed until it has crossed bariers.So how do i prevent it ? 

Well Answer to this a frequent dental consultation ,once in a period of  6 months.Dr J offers this consultation free of cost making it easy now.






No Dental decay ,Still i m experiencing Sensitivity and pain?Why?

why do i get sensation when i dont have black ccoloured cavity in my tooth ?? Read to know more about it .

Wasting disease,thats how it is defined,yeah it sounds little out of frame .But this is the reason why you are probably getting sensitivity .acids cause layers of enamel to be decalcified over a period of time.These are common in individuals in the era of fast food because of coke and other carbonated drinks being a major culprit which leads to this  scenario.

Dental erosion by acids in mouth

Prevention possible or not?

why do i not get any sensation beforehand ?How does bacteria stay there when i m brushing regularly.Read more for your answers.

In a devoloping country like ,wherein health sector developing at the fastest pace , Dental awareness is comparitively less.According to the National Oral Health Program, 95 per cent of adults in India suffer from gum disease. 50 per cent of the citizens do not use toothbrush or toothpaste. 70 per cent of children under the age of 15 have dental caries. Cost of a dental consultation is less but cost of ignorance is really high

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